Ninety percent of communication is non-verbal in nature, accounting for practically everything that isn’t words used in a conversation. Eye contact, gestures, inflection, dress and proximity all play important, yet subtle roles, in determining our understanding of a person’s meaning.

The implications of these indicators on business communication are clear, since so much of marketing, sales and management comes down to effective collaboration. If your company is relying on audio conferencing alone, you are leaving 55 percent of your message to chance. If you rely on e-mail exclusively, you are leaving a staggering 93 percent on the table. In business, can you really afford to take such chances?

Technology like HD video collaboration ensures that no inflection is missed and no gesture is left unnoticed. Video puts you in control of your message, virtually eliminates miscommunication and allows you to build stronger connected relationships than any other form of technology. Video conferencing is the communications technology of the future, and available today.

Liona Enterprises Video Collaboration solutions include audio conferencing and audio reinforcement, video interfacing, HD video-teleconference, video- switching and routing, video walls, network video solutions, and VTC upgrades giving users the ability to share multiple pieces of content during a conferencing session.

Federal government entities look to Liona Enterprises for customized Video Collaboration solutions that are as dependable as they are cost-effective. We provide systems that address both intra-agency requirements and the need to communicate to the public at large.

From the integration of Emergency Operations Centers to real-time information displays, we deliver powerful solutions that are easy to use, maintain, upgrade, and expand.