Unified Communications encompasses versatile conferencing software that takes the various methods used in conference calls such as text, audio, video, and virtual white boards and makes them available through a single interface.

Communication, especially for brainstorming and presentations with audience interaction, can be greatly smoothed by seamless UC software that enables many different interaction methods. One benefit is that users can devote their attention to the topic at hand rather than the operation of various pieces of software to enable communication through different mediums.

However, UC poses a number of challenges to networks with old infrastructure, having changed the nature of enterprise network workloads. In a network with compute and storage separate, these dynamic workloads can result in latency and congestion. As UC and other dynamic workloads have increased, they have driven the adoption of hyper-converged networks to deal with the attendant challenges.

Liona Enterprises UC solutions eliminate the complexity of communications for both end users and system administrators. Our solutions integrate hardware, software and services to make our clients more efficient and responsive. Liona Enterprises ensures that all components work with minimal configuration and maximum flexibility.
Our secure Unified Communications solutions for federal, state and local agencies simplify collaboration with coworkers, citizens and third-party organizations across any workspace.

High-definition voice, video collaboration, streaming, and recording solutions promote government responsiveness and improve overall efficiency by extending the reach and quality of collaboration and services delivered across multiple media and geographic regions.